Contest: get consulting services to maximise your innovation potential

Your competitors are using innovation as a driver for growth and competitiveness, stay tuned!

Keeping your company at the edge of competition is one of the main issue for you as an entrepreneur, whatever the activity domain. Innovation is strongly believed to play an important role in enabling economic growth and building the foundation of a company’s future competitiveness.


In order to support Brussels-based companies in their growth and internationalisation process Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o offers customised services allowing them to take the most out of their innovation activities

Why doing it?


Benefit from external advice in order to:

  • Take stock of where your      company stands now and where it wants to be in the future
  • Identify your company’s      strength and weaknesses
  • Establish how      innovation-oriented your company is
  • Bring your company’s innovation      capabilities to the next level
  • Become      more competitive
  • Take decisions based on facts      and priority areas for improvement
  • Challenge your company’s vision      and objectives
  • Maximize impact generated by      your innovation activities and boost the growth of your company

What does it involve?


The Assessment

One initial assessment workshop (1/2 day) carried together with the company with the aim to perform a diagnosis of how the company manages innovation. One analysis workshop (2 hours), facilitated by your

business expert from Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o, to present the results and recommendations to the Management of the company.


The implementation

The most important part of this service, is the implementation of the actions. Depending on the type of actions taken on board by the Company, the additional time spent together with the innovation expert from may vary from 2 to 8 days in addition to the Assessment.


Type of support you may expect from our innovation experts, usually delivered in the format of workshops with a facilitator purpose:

  • Innovation      Strategy
  • Strategic      Partnerships
  • Design-driven      innovation
  • Problem-solving      skills
  • Idea      management
  • Definition      of innovation-related KPIs

All the facilitators are certied by the European Commission and dedicated to each beneficiary of this service during the whole accompaniment, from the assessment analysis to the action plan implementation. The self-assessment tools that are used are compliant with EU standards (TS 16555).


For which companies?


Only 10 selected, high potential Brussels-based SMEs will benefit from this service in 2017. They must:

  • Have at least 1 innovative      product/service/technology on the market,
  • Have      a minimum of 10 employees
Be looking and open for support to maximize the potential from their innovation activities to boost their growth.


The service is free of charge for selected companies. Estimated real cost: approximately 3000€, funded by the European Commission.


« When you are so focused on your business like any young entrepreneur, it is interesting to have someone taking a closer look into your strategy and who has the right perspective to analyse your decisions and to give you some guidance in order to help you grow faster internationally »

 Hugues Dhaeyer, Powerdale CEO

« Un bon exercice pour revoir et creuser les processus de l’entreprise qui peuvent bénéficier d’amélioration »

Angelo Santoro, Freemind Group CEO



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Posted on May. 30, 2017