• Da Vinci Science Park, Rue de Strasbourg 3 1130 Bruxelles
  • Phone : +32 2 728 37 11
  • Website : www.zetes.com
  • Contact : Sandra Franchitti
  • Function : Corporate Communications Manager
  • E-mail : info@zetes.com

General description

Zetes is an international corporation specialising in the provision of identification and mobility solutions for supply chain optimisation and for government solutions.

Products & Services

Zetes transforms the way modern supply chains collaborate. Its Collaborative Supply Chain Suite allow large companies to implement end-to-end tracking and tracing of goods, from the manufacturing plant to the end user.

The People ID division of Zetes provides secure solutions that allow governments to accurately identify their populations and satisfy the strictest international requirements concerning the issuing of documents and the organising of democratic elections.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

- We cover the entire supply chain 
By making intelligent use of latest technologies 
Full integration with existing systems 
Our solutions offer agility on top of stability