YP5 Software

  • Rue Eugène Cattoir, 17 1050 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 850 22 55
  • Website : www.yp5.be
  • Contact : Christophe ROOS
  • Function : Director
  • E-mail : info@yp5.be

General description

YP5 Software is a company active in consultancy and in creation of tailor-made software.

We are specialized in software development involving advanced technologies.

Products & Services

YP5 Software has been active in consultancy since a few years thanks to its expertise in advanced development technologies.

Nowadays YP5 Software is also putting its expertise to the service of advanced solutions for industry, providing tight integration of modern technologies into the existing business of customers.

The growing company has also acquired extensive experience in solutions for environmental companies, developing tools for a sustainable future.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • curiosity towards new technologies, new languages and new platforms
  • willingness in order to be always up-to-date with the evolution of techniques
  • expertise and mastery of specific technologies that are always fed by innovative methods
  • cost-reduced integration of innovative technologies for the customers