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  • Phone : +32 489 04 61 42
  • Website : yagram.com

General description

Yagram is a mHealth solution lining up therapeutic guidelines with data analytics to improve birth outcomes and to empower mums-to-be.


We use Artificial Intelligence to help care providers deliver therapeutic guidelines and enhance care relationship outside the medical visits. Our 1st digital therapy is addressed to expectant mothers. It allows doctors and midwives to inform their patients about important milestones of the care plan, give personalized therapeutic advice and suggest services that future mums can benefit from, within their hospital or nearby their location.


Yagram’s uses technology to connect people, organisations, and resources in an attractive ecosystem in which amazing amounts of value can be created, changed, exchanged and consumed in a variety of ways and places.


• What do you offer to mums-to-be?

We are patient-centric solution. Thanks to Yagram App, mums-to-be:

– finally have a tool that fits their lifestyle,

– can access to the information related to their care plan with no effort,

– are better informed about their health status, 

– feel more connected to their physicians,

– can find the wellness service that matches exactly their needs.


• What do you offer to doctors/nurses/midwifes?

– A smart tool that allows to deliver personalised, therapeutic guidelines to the patient with minimum of interaction from the care provider side. 


Yagram’s story 

What started as academic research project has grown into a technology startup, which received mentorship from the European Accelerator FIWARE/FIC3 & Microsoft Innovation Centre and was awarded with the 1st Prize for the most innovative startup by Arthur D.Little, Koan Lorenz, Partena HR and MyMicroInvest.

Products & Services

The modular architecture of our solution, called Dr. Ruby, allows for its rapid transposition across different chronic diseases. From a technological point of view, Dr. Ruby is a mix between Content Management System and a work-flow application delivered on the mobile devices. It allows the creation of personalised therapeutic programs based on health questionnaires, enriched by rich media content such as video, text or images and sets up the triggers to push content automatically to different groups of patients according to the milestones of their care pathway and finally manage access to network of actors (define and mange actor’s profile, manage information and decision flow).

The Dr.Ruby architecture is made of the following layers:
-a mobile interface for both patients and care providers
sensors, connected objects,
-a multi-service storage system in the SAN linked with the existing healthcare information infrastructure.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Our mobile health solution provides a new way of delivering care to chronic patients                  
  • It provides powerful therapeutic content and personalised follow up                    
  • User-centered solution