• Rue des Anciens Etangs 40 1190 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 489.04.61.42
  • Website : www.yagram.com

General description

Yagram is a digital health company headquartered in Brussels. We create a missing link to meet the rising demands of future parents for better service and greater involvement and the same time to foster loyalty and long term engagement within the hospital warding. The set of supportive services for the business-to-business-to-patient market meets the key sector criteria of medically validated content, strong privacy policy and interoperability whilst enabling significant improvement in patient retention. Yagram was born out of academic research and so far received EU funding, mentorship from the MIC, was awarded with the Bamboo Growth 1st Prize for the most innovative startup (2016) and launched the pilot within Brugmann Hospital (2017).

Products & Services

By capitalizing on the ubiquity of smartphone usage, we created a customized, mobile health navigation app. Our first use case is targeted at expectant mums. An artificial intelligence allows our technology to provide patients with validated information at the right moment to anticipate milestones of the perinatal follow-up. Yagram’s “digital assistants” are aligned with clinical care teams and cultivate relationships with mums-to-be by taking into account their preferences and concerns.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Yagram’s most important competitive advantages rise from the ability to map mums-to-be profiles and highlight engagement opportunities in the care journey. It’s a level of user experience and expending Intelligence of our system that make the key differentiating factor. The technology allows to seamlessly integrate with hospitals work-flow and adds a flexibility that is unchallenged.