• Boulevard de la Woluwe 56/4 1200 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 503 08 48
  • Website : www.xelink.net

General description

Xelink is a company specializing in technology for complex event processing in financial markets and analytics and business decision automation in various sectors.

From algorithmic trading in capital markets to big data integration and processing in other domains, the company leverages on its experience in business process analysis and modeling in order to offer solutions that truly scale for any type of integration challenge, any volume of data, and any scope of project.

Products & Services

XeLink offers innovative solutions for application and business process integration that enables organizations to effectively leverage all of their information assets in the decision handling.

In the financial and energy sectors, the solutions span the entire investment process: from the pre-trade risk analytics to algorithmic trading and post-trade reporting, we help clients in managing the full decision cycle.

For telecommunication operators, Xelink’s platform uses customer location and context data stream to provide real-time visibility and operational responsiveness into service and billing processes, thus enabling improved customer satisfaction and reduced churn.

Complex event processing also applies in social media area where the real-time analysis of massive data stream enable companies to determine positive/negative sentiments and  trending topics in order to act proactively.

Xelink provides consultancy services to effectively analyzing the business process, computing performance analytics from big data and helping company to compose, deploy and evolve customized business rules and strategies.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Usage of data modeling, performance and decision analytics
  • Focus on business rule automation
  • Massive data processing including social media
  • Non intrusive data and application integration
  • Software as a service