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  • Phone : +32 (0)474 36 15 45
  • Website : www.wooclap.com

General description

A simple application to interact with your audience during a live conference, a corporate meeting or inside a classroom

Products & Services

Wooclap is a user-friendly application to engage your live audience. It is the perfect tool to interact during a live conference, inside a classroom or during corporate meetings. -Engage Students- Wooclap is the best way to enhance your students' learning experience inside the classroom and to keep them engaged and driven. -Engage Audience during a conference- Add some interactions to your talk and increase the impact on your audience. -Engage Employees during meetings- Increase participation during corporate meetings. For instance, you can start a poll to get anonymous feedback to important questions.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • New technologies

  • Change the way professors teach

  • Change the way speakers pitch