• Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17 1020 Brussels
  • Phone : +32476944917
  • Website : www.wesmart.com

General description

WeSmart provides as smart monitoring for IOT, using artificial intelligence to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Products & Services

WeSmart is a cloud platform that collects data from smart meters and connected devices. Electricity consumption data, air quality data, temperature, humidity, pressure, cold water, hot water, etc. are aggregated on the WeSmart platform. Analytic algorithms compare, and interpret the data, and the analysis is displayed online and on mobile devices for customers to monitor, understand and manage their energy and other critical environmental parameters.

WeSmart brings together human intelligence, collective participation and Internet of Things technologies to curb energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our unique combination of IoT technology and an appealing energy-monitoring interface makes us a leader in the race for brand-new business solutions designed to reduce the increasing costs of energy usage.

WeSmart is focused on the delivery of cloud-based, high-performance data management solutions for companies of all sizes and specialties. Founded by specialists who have a long track record in the energy and environment sector as software engineers, architects and strategic consultants, WeSmart is on the cutting edge of the eco revolution.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • multifluid solution
  • smart energy data analysis