Université catholique de Louvain UCL

  • Contact : Xavier LAMPE
  • Function : Technological advisor / Tech transfer officer at the Louvain Tech Transfer Office
  • E-mail : xavier.lampe@uclouvain.be

General description

Founded in 1425, UCL is one the oldest complete universities in the world. ICT domains are considered by UCL to be one of the areas of strategic research.

Beyond teaching and research, UCL fulfills a third mission, known as “Services to the Society”. Economic exploitation of knowledge and technological transfers are as crucial for UCL as for the Society. However, the processes of innovation are lengthy, very complex and expensive.

To meet these challenges, UCL has set up the Louvain Technology Transfer Office or “LTTO”. The LTTO collaborates with the entrepreneurial world with an aim to developing innovation inside companies. The LTTO helps them to know what UCL technologies may best meet their need for development and which UCL team is the best to work with.

The LTTO takes part in an impressive economic exploitation of knowledge by supporting the creation of spin-off companies, based on new technologies developed in UCL labs.

Products & Services

The UCL performs:

1) Fundamental research in the fields described below

  • Communication systems and network
  • Software engineering, programming systems and formal methods
  • Information systems and databases
  • Electronic circuits and systems
  • Large graphs and networks
  • Signal and image processing
  • Cryptography and information security
  • Dynamical systems, control, optimization
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Machine-learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing
  • Biomedical engineering & bioinformatics
  • ICT : Society and law
  • Mecatronics


2) Applied research in relationship with our fundamental research thematic.