• Av. H.-Debrouxlaan, 40 - B 1160 Bruxelles
  • Phone : +32 81 71 34 30
  • Website : www.universem.com

General description

Universem is a Digital Markting consultancy company specialized in traffic acquisition (SEO, advertising) and conversion optimization from visitors to customers thanks to Web Analytics. This technology allows to analyze the internet user's behaviour in detail and take actions accordingly in order to optimize the marketing campaigns' ROI. The team is currently composed of 25 members and works for customers such as Carrefour, Mediamarkt, UNICEF, Touring, Mithra, etc.

Products & Services

Consult and Web Marketing Strategy
* As a team we define a detailed plan of action and measure its effects in terms of client acquisition, traffic optimisation and ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation
* You want to generate high quality traffic on your website? Gain visibility using strategic keywords relevant to your field, while enhancing your website on a technical and marketing level.

Content marketing
* Adopt an editorial strategy adapted to the requirements of the Web. Our copywriting experts create relevant and SEO optimized content. Result: you capture the interest of your visitors while attracting the search engines!

Online Advertising
* Entrust the management of your cost per click advertising campaigns to real professionals, and thus increase your ROI. We adjust and optimize your campaigns constantly, either through Google AdWords (SEA), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Twitter Ads.

Web Analytics
* Enjoy a wealth of valuable information to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and improve conversion of visitors into customers.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

The company is one of the five belgian companies accredited by Google as "Google Analytics certified Partner".