• Drève de Willerieken, 20 1160 Bruxelles
  • Phone : +3226639696
  • Website : www.ultra-it.com

General description

The IT support that supports your growth

Ensure the highest levels of continuous operations, manage growth and surpass service levels with the IT support that understands business.

Get the absolute most from your IT infrastructure investment by calling on total professionals. Our experienced team of a dozen or so people focus thoroughly on systems. From network integration and connectivity solutions to the delivery and configuration of hardware, Ultra IT’s experts keep your data running smoothly, your users on the job and your applications driving business.

Get the personalized support you need to ensure you are running on optimized, up-to-date solutions in line with your actual requirements. We provide the availability of a large company with the flexibility of a smaller one.


What’s more, Ultra IT makes it a point of honour to make a clear and precise offer at a fixed rate, without any contractual commitments.


Our Brussels-based multi-lingual staff speaks the language of efficiency and optimal customer service for Belgian and international clients.

Products & Services

Ask about our references in the study and integration of cabled networks; network security; infrastructure equipment; the sale, configuration and maintenance of servers; workstations, portables and accessories; printing solutions; consultancy in Internet connectivity, phone, infrastructure and software, hardware configuration