• Bd Louis Schmidtlaan 87 1140 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 2 793 77 67
  • Website : www.ubidata.com

General description

Ubidata develops and commercializes mobile logistics solutions. We assist customers in tracking, analysing and optimizing their fleet, goods, shipments and cargo management. We have particular experience in the food, pharmaceutical and goods distribution sectors as well as with trailers or multi-modal fleets. We’re proud to count numerous leading European companies among our clients.

Products & Services

See http://ubidata.com/en/what-we-do/solutions.html

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Ubidata's developments and competitive advantages are on two main axis:

1. Telematic, IoT: we have developed telematic devices for no/low power environment in transport and logistics (such as trailers, wagons, containers). Tthese devices have a very long autonomy while capturing ans sending many data.

2. BIG DATA platform to convert data from multiple sources into relevant information for clients, both real time for operational purposes and statistics for process improvements.