• Rue du marché au Charbon 53 1000 Brussels
  • Phone : +32484345496
  • Website : www.tinza.com

General description

Tinza is a Peer-to-Peer delivery platform that connects people in need to deliver an item and those willing to transport it.

Tinza is an innovative start up that was founded in Brussels, on April 2016 by two ambitious friends. They decided to take their common vision into the real world, adding to this new vibrant economy a new delivery service that will revolutionize the courier and shipping industry. A lot of work and thought went into the process of creating something very unique, a delivery service inspired by the people for the people. Backed up by the powerful sharing economy community, we believe that our service might change the way people connect, share and deliver.

Products & Services

Tinza offers a cost effective delivery service that’s based on a unique user experience. Using Tinza, people receive parcels from other people (eg. friends, family, Pre-owned goods sellers, moving out people...) A delivery service that incumbent companies (Post offices, Fedex, Ups..) do not offer

The platform targets two kind of users. The end users who need to transport pre-owned goods or heavy items locally and those who can make that happen (transporters/Tinzers). Tinza comes as an intermediary platform connecting the two parts by providing a meeting space where they can agree on the delivery details (Time, place, price...).

Using the platform enables users to:
• Make Money when transporting items
• Save Time & Money when sending items
• Enjoy The User Experience when using the platform

How it works:
• Find your transporter: Look for a convenient transporter according to an area, a date and the Item size.
• Send request: Get in touch by using the chat service and agree on all required delivery details.
• Strike a Deal: Seal the deal with the transporter and get your item delivered!

Tinza has started in Brussels, but is looking forward to growing on an international scale (Paris, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Madrid, Dubai, etc...).

Tinza will be starting by focusing on specific categories for delivery
- Pre-owned goods (online eCommerce)
- Moving services

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • First To Market : a peer-to-peer delivery platform for pre-owned goods
  • Competitive price: Deliver all sizes of items for a lower price
  • Clever Strategy: Innovative go to market strategy