• Avenue Sleeckx, 112 1030 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 215 41 04
  • Website : www.tetrasoft.be
  • Contact : Emmanuel VAN HECKE
  • Function : Managing Director
  • E-mail : evh@tetrasoft.be

General description

A publisher of database publishing software, in particular “Leaflet”, the professional solution for cross-media database publishing on demand.

Tetrasoft also makes available its know-how in the area of databases and image processing to customers with specific needs.

Products & Services

Database publishing is a sub-discipline of DTP (Desktop Publishing).

The information published comes directly from a database. This is very useful for B2B technical catalogues, illustrated prices and product information sheets etc, in other words any structured document the content of which can be found in a database.

For this type of document, choosing database publishing over conventional CAP enables 3 objectives to be achieved: publishing more quickly, more economically and more accurately.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

The 3 main objectives of database publishing are: publishing faster; publishing more economically; publishing more accurately.

Leaflet enables the achievement of these 3 objectives while offering a quick return on investment.

The product’s unique characteristics are the following

  • Visual: Easy to use, no programming, WYSIWYG
  • Integrated: A single program from database to publication
  • 100% cross-media: from paper to fibre-optic with no intermediate stage!
  • Quick: Publishing on demand in the office or on the Internet
  • Universal: 100% Unicode: a single solution for all countries

The product is technically innovative and unique on 2 levels:

  • Native access to databases
  • Dynamic templates