Tein Technology

General description

Tein Technology, having also an office in Holland, is an integrator that develops its own integration software.

It is selling to public sector in the domain of road and rail traffic control, city surveillance and maritime and to the financial industry.

Products & Services

Tein provides solutions for critical environment, mainly in the control room.

Our own platform SightVisiontm is an umbrella system that integrates with VMS (Video Management Systems), sensors (i.e. radar, alarm systems, telephony, ANPR…) and present a user friendly interface to operators that allows them to perform their duties more efficiently.

In addition to this platform, we develop other software tailored solutions for the same kind of environment: portals, data analysis tools,…

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Integration capacity for technologies who are normally working in parallel
  • Mission critical applications
  • Developing Technology that helps people taking critical decision
  • Innovative Tailor-made solutions
  • Integration of voice, video and data