Slashcloud / RYHO Technology

  • Rue du Wilder 60 1082 Brussels
  • Phone : 02 267 56 27
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General description

Digitisation of business processes and the transition to the cloud thanks to the Platform as a Service application (aPaaS).

Products & Services

We take care of the digitisation of our clients’ experiences, products and operations. Our solution offers a Time To Market and a Total Cost Ownership up to 6 times lower than classic IT services. We put the Agile method into practice in order to encourage exchange and get the people who master their business processes involved as much as possible. Our solution fits into existing solutions safely and with ease. It guarantees the interoperability of the cloud solution.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Low-code development (Fifth generation language)
  • Agile scrum methodology
  • Cloud oriented