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  • Phone : +32 (0)485 31 14 51
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General description

Skilto is a social network for skilled people. Since 2009, we have created a platform which allows anyone with a “skill”, to create a dynamic profile (experience, video, link to Facebook/Twitter…) in order to find clients in their area. Skilto offers more than 300 type of services (from dutch lessons to plumber or DJ) and is totally free for its users. We are based in Brussels, but operate in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and USA.

Products & Services

Our aim is to offer an alternative to the local classifieds, which do not offer any structured data and enough visibility for users wanting to find clients. Skilto was called by a media “the Facebook for services” and this is what our product wants to offer. We want to have a social network, where people can ask for help on any subject and find their local skilled person in an easy and fun way.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Skilto was launched at the beginning of the Facebook hype, and we have capitalized on that technology. We offer an innovative platform for our users that is quick and very complete.

Furthermore, within Skilto Sprl, we have created other projects, such as our latest one called, the 1st cashback platform 100% Belgian.