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General description

Sirris is the collective center of the Belgian technological industry representing more than 2400 member companies.

Its main goal is helping companies increase their competitiveness by technological innovation.

Founded in 1948 as an industrially driven non-profit organization, Sirris has a long tradition in realizing technological innovation in companies and with companies.

In order to meet its goal, Sirris yearly realizes more than 4000 industrial interventions (technological advice, shared industrial research and development projects, innovation services) within 1700 different companies, of which 75% are SME’s.

Sirris develops knowledge in-house and, at the same time, keeps up with developments around the world.

This dual approach grants its members and clients quick access to in-depth expertise in more than twenty fields, within four technological domains: Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Software Engineering & ICT.

Products & Services

In cooperation with many partners and companies, Sirris has developed numerous services and tools to support innovation in software and ICT.

This has led among others to an international recognized canvas called “The art of software innovation”.

Using this canvas, Sirris is working on an international level with different EIT partners on a new generation of innovation services for the EU ICT industry, which focuses on growth creation.

In the domain of ICT, Sirris has introduced already 32 ICT SMEs in EU shared research and development projects over the last 2 years.

Besides that Sirris starts about 20 regional innovation projects with companies and realises almost 350 ICT innovation advices per year.

This results in the anchoring of the local industrial ecosystem in an international network.