General description

ShowSourcing revolutionizes the way product managers collect, organize, use and share sourcing information.

ShowSourcing is an All-In-One Solution for Sourcer, Purchaser and Product Manager to collect and use sourcing Data

Products & Services

ShowSourcing has to service lines:

  • Collect the Sourcing Data  
    • Mobile App for real life product collection: Trade Show, Factory Visits, Sales Meeting etc.  
    • Grabber: Grab product from the world's most famous sourcing data bases (e.g. Ali Baba, European Sourcing etc)  
    • Sourcing Inbox: Ask and Receive product information from your suppliers.
    • Request Sample
  • Use your sourcing data to create collections, price lists
    • Collection Assistant: A Tool that will allow you to build new collections with or without constraints.  
    • Collaborate with your Team  
    • Exchange information among teams

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Product Level Sourcing Tool
  • Direct Exchange of Information with Supplier
  • Product & Supplier Collaborative Database