• Rue Papenkasteel, 89 1180 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)486 42 43 05
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General description

sharingbox is a leader in location based photographic animation services.

We have re-defined the photo booth as a product giving it a new image and connecting it to social networks among other things.

We cater our product to both the corporate and the private markets and have developed a software enabling us to respond to the needs of each specific markets.

sharingbox addresses the needs of internal and external communication for companies by creating brand’s ambassadors each time a picture is taken and/or shared.

Products & Services

The sharingbox Sharingbox is a freestanding photo booth made and designed 100% in Belgium.

It comes in two parts that are assembled together providing a very transportable and design solution for clients and users.

The sharingbox is only 18cm wide which enables us to increase ten folds the type of places where we can provide our service.

The sharingbox Software

  • Camera livefeed integration
  • Touchscreen application
  • Works with :HDwebcam - Canon DSLR
  • Photo + Video integrated
  • Camera filter options
  • Green screen options
  • Immediate picture printing
  • Immediate/deferred email sending
  • Immediate social media sharing
  • 100% customizable application
  • Developed using layover of images
  • Manages franchisee outpost
  • Upload and download campaigns

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Design
  • Interface
  • Scalability of the software
  • Connectivity
  • Instant printing