General description

SellsPad is the everyday companion of your rep and the right management tool for his manager.

Products & Services

Sellspad, the « all-in-one » mobile application that boosts the efficiency of your mobile teams.

SellsPad streamlines your sales process. At any moment, you can consult the details of your clients and their history as a catalogue of products and services. Field information (visits, surveys,… ) can be sent thanks to pre-formatted reports.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Updated corporate documents (catalogs…),
Full access to customer data,
Automated visit report,
Market survey tool,
Order taking,
Planning and shared agenda,
Geo localisation support,
Performance report and dashboard,
Fully synchronized with ERP&CRM,
100% work,
User-friendly and intuitive design,
Super fast integration with ERP and CRM,
Stand-alone or fully integrated,
Customized to customer graphic