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General description

Secugo is a prevention and assistance app reinforcing the security of it's community.



Secugo's mission is to provide Smartphone users the best personal security app aiming to reinforce their security thanks to the Secugo community.



By building a strong community, and the use of Smartphone technology, our vision is to contribute all together to create a safer world.

Products & Services

With the Secugo app installed on smartphone, you are now part of a very unique community:

- Irrespective of where you go, you will never be alone!
- You will always know, in real time how many helpers are in your area
- You can sent emergency alerts to your family, friends, helpers and the police
- You can locate safe places/or and medical places in the your area in
- You can geo-localize your family and friends
- You can pre-program automatic geolocalizing check
- You can create geo-fencing and receive alert when entering/exiting areas
- You can use a preventive pre-alert tool
- You have your fundamental medical info with you in case of emergency
- And much more for FREE


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