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General description

Sagacify harnesses the power of data to create value for businesses. We help companies to innovate by finding the right software solutions to optimize and automate their business processes through artificial intelligence.  We provide general knowledge and understanding of AI opportunities.

Products & Services

Our services include :

  • Innovative Web & Mobile Software development
  • Development of AI powered Software applications
  • Development of AI Software Modules to integrate in existing enterprise IT systems
  • Consulting to analyze the potential gain of integrating AI into your organization.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Sagacify sits at the intersection of cutting edge software development and advanced machine learning capabilities. This rare mix of skills allows us to put in production disruptive, secure and intelligence software to propel your organization in the forefront of innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.  Together, we develop a long term vision and execute it step by step following lean methodologies. We develop tailor made softwares to best satisfy our customers' needs.