General description

Focusing on innovation and excellence, Raincode designs and produces rehosting solutions for legacy systems to .NET and Azure platform. Raincode is high-technology driven. We are supplier of programming languages analysis and transformation tools. We are taking IT to the next level, far away from the conventional programming. Be prepared to challenge yourself in a company that spends 50% of its budget in R&D. Since 1998, we have been offering a cutting-edge, friends and family-minded and multicultural work atmosphere. We are based in Brussels and active all over the world. Raincode is an unconventional company on many levels and we are proud of it.

Products & Services

Raincode’s products are divided in 5 distinct families. First, the Raincode Stack is a mainframe rehosting solution to move your legacy code off the mainframe, and integrate it in a full .NET infrastructure. It gathers a COBOL compiler, a PL/I compiler, a CICS emulator (Raincode QIX) and a Sorting tool. The compilers were designed from the ground up as legacy compilers, in recognition of the fact that they will be used far more often to compile existing portfolios than newly developed code. Single sourcing is the property that ensures that the very same source code that is currently in production on the mainframe can be used, as is, on the target platform. Indeed, the source code can then be maintained centrally and deployed on both platforms, with a strictly equivalent behavior.

The PACBASE Migration solution provided by Raincode allows organizations to maintain the value of large PACBASE portfolios in a risk-free migration project, 100% automated. It gives a 100% functional equivalence guarantee. The legacy application is then free from any dependency on any proprietary tool or technology. DATAKOM 360 is meant to migrate your system from CA-DATACOM© code, data, target platform and services. The process is fully automated, to minimize the risk involved in every manual transformation, even if it only applies to 1 or 2 percent of the system.

The Raincode Checker is a suite of source code analysis tools, which ensures that coding standards are followed consistently in software development projects. Enforced coding standards reduce total costs over the software development life cycle. It can be used during development by the programming team, at delivery time by the acceptance and quality control team, or both. It is available for C, ADA and COBOL. Finally, Braincode assists you in identifying the required tasks and best practice guidance needed for a successful migration. This assessment requires specialized skills and experience at all stages of the process. Our consultants distinguish realistic expectations from pipe dreams; state of the art technologies from unreasonable endeavors and sketch sensible migration plans one can actually implement.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Unique products worldwide
  • Microsoft’s "Top Performer Technology" Award
  • Staff is at 85% technical experts (PhD, Masters,...)
  • R&D is 25% of income
  • Technical challenges abandonned by others