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  • Phone : +32 (0)2 548 70 49
  • Website : www.railnova.eu

General description

Railnova is serving the growing Rail Fleet Management Market in Europe.

Railnova has developed and commercializes a suite of telematics hardware and web based software that enables intelligent fleet management for Railways.

Products & Services

Railnova’s RailsterTM Telematics and RailfleetTM Software is the only all-in-one, plug & play, adaptative telematics and software solution available for the railway fleet management market.

It is easy to implement, rail-certified embedded hardware to monitor passenger train, locomotive or wagon position, as well as crucial parameters such diesel engine parameters or component bus information [Can BUS, RS485, RS232]. The data collected is immediately visible and processed in the Railfleet Software by the end users.

Railfleet is based on the OpenERP Framework which enables fast application development, easy adoption among the organization and unprecedented user experience due to OpenERP revolutionary Web Client.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Railster Telematics provide real-time GPS information and can connect to the major train sub-systems. The Railfleet software can replace countless legacy systems and excel tables, due to its full integration in OpenERP.
  • Evolutivity and connectivity to Customer’s existing systems, such as Microsoft, Oracle or SAP enables further process automation. Both Railnova’s hardware and software solution can be deployed in as short as a few weeks and enables real process automation in rail fleet management.
  • Traditional rail fleet management projects are conducted with separate hardware suppliers, M2M providers and IT companies, which leaves the system integration risk to the end customer. This usually results in poor system functionality, cost overruns, and prohibits future evolutivity due to extremely high maintenance costs.
  • With it’s all-in-one hardware + software solution based on opensource platforms, Railnova can focus efforts on what matters most to its customers, such as acquiring specific data on the train or implementing a particular software functionality. The Customer can spend the majority of his budget on customization of the proven Railnova solution, which  in turn guarantees success and adoption