• Rue des Pères Blancs, 4 1040 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)498 62 45 14
  • Website : www.puzme-app.com

General description

puzme™ is the first smartphone app not using the traditional profile picture but is based on seducing details

Everything is about exchanging and receiving details about the thousands of people you cross in your daily life.

Products & Services

puzme™ is a smartphone app based on a very simple fact:


Everyday, we crossed thousands of people.

Everyday, we might cross the one we are looking for.


Unlike the other discovering apps, puzme™ doesn't work with any traditional profile picture. Complementary, people who crossed can discover personal clues about each other. Clues which are only about details.

On Puzme, everyone is represented by 1 seducing detail. The game? Challenge the other ones & Get more seducing details about them!

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

No profile pic. Just visual details, and a game of seduction.