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General description

Primento is the digital publishing house of traditional publishers.

Our solution goes from the manufacturing to the distribution and sales of their ebooks.

Thanks to us, publishers better focus on their core business and ensure their books meet their digital audience.

Products & Services

For traditional publishers, Primento acts as a strategic digital partner.

We offer them a one stop shop solution answering all their digital needs from the production to the distribution of their ebooks.

Thanks to our expertise, publisher can better focus on editing and print publishing which are their core businesses.

At the same time, we manage their digital assets based on a revenue shared model and thereby ensure their ebooks meet their digital audience.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Leader in digital publishing
  • R&D project in digital publishing to industrialise production process
  • Able to handle complex requests from publishers
  • Global ebook distribution network
  • Strategic partnership with key players (Google, Amazon, Apple, Kobo, etc.).