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General description

What if memories shared from a touristic attraction could now promote it in the good way?
PANORA.ME enables tourist attraction owners to turn their visitors into ambassadors and maximize their impact on social platforms.

How? By providing visitors the kind of selfie they couldn't do by themselves, PANORA.ME helps its clients to magnify their place and leverage peer-to-peer recommendations in a natural way.

Products & Services

Every day, hundreds of pictures are taken by tourists on attractions. But over the last few years, the way they picture such places has drastically changed because of the selfie phenomenon. The consequence of this sociological shift is that it affects the image of the place. The latter is not the main subject in the picture anymore…

It’s time to get a new perspective on how the WOW of your place is spread all over the world!   

How? By providing your visitors the kind of selfie they couldn’t do by themselves, PANORA.ME helps you to magnify your place and leverage peer-to-peer recommendations in a natural way.   

Our solution consists of a smartphone app connected to a proprietary superzoom photographic technology.  When the visitor takes his selfie from the dedicated zone, he instantly receives a breathtaking zoom-out video in which the scenery is 100% visible.

The reach and impact of every every clip is measured to be available through a comprehensive dashboard where the best ambassadors can clearly be identified and rewarded.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • combination of app and on-site device
  • algorythm to generate zoom-out video based on 1 selfie and 3 pictures
  • "eraser" functionality based on machine learning algorythm
  • custom 3D filters