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General description

Our objective is to meet the management and communication needs of organizations (companies, institutions, associations, etc.) through the design, installation and maintenance of integrated solutions where office automation, information ICT are concerned, regarding both hardware and software.

From the analysis of needs to the development of personalised applications or web sites, via the design of networks and the supply of hardware and software, Organica offers a complete service through a single point of contact.

Products & Services

Organica undertakes the development of an integrated software package called Organon as well as that of software packages derived from Organon and directed towards specific professions or needs. Organon is a management and communication software package designed to meet all the needs of an organization, whether large or small.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • The very high level of integration of the solution: the management, communication and sales of the company are carried out through a single application and a single database that are simultaneously accessible internally and externally via three interfaces functioning both on a client-server and on internet, intranet and extranet mode.
  • An original functional architecture giving power, flexibility and upgradability to each module.