• Avenue Herrmann-Debroux, 15A 1160 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 888 77 02
  • Website : www.optimy.com
  • Contact : Olivier Hoareau
  • Function : Marketing Manager
  • E-mail : info@optimy.com

General description

Optimy is a fast-growing international SaaS company based in Brussels. Our solution is used by than 200 customers worldwide with a retention rate of 98%. Our team is made of enthusiastic people coming from 14 different countries.

Products & Services

Optimy Grant & Community investment management:

Optimy helps organizations and foundations select the most effective action plans, manage all aspects of projects, track the impact of their strategies and report on the program results, therefore making community investment and grant management quicker and more meaningful.

Optimy Sponsorship & Partnership management:

Optimy helps brands and companies to improve their performance across the entire lifecycle of a project, helping sponsorship and partnership professionals with choosing and managing all aspects of projects quicker and smarter, so as to boost productivity and contributing to enhance the company's global image.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Optimy software allows users to tackle more efficiently, with one single tool, the following activities:

• Request management
• Project management
• Assessment
• Audit & compliance