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General description

As specialists in Free Software since 2001, OpenSides focus on the use of Free Software in companies, whether it is a matter of migrating to FreeSoftware, installing a new infrastructure or improving your existing infrastructure.

Products & Services

OpenSides boasts long-standing experience in the field of LDAP
directories and is making this expertise available to you.

System and Software Deployment
OpenSides meets this requirement by installing independent or combined OPSI tools (for Windows operating systems), FAI (for Linux operating systems) and FusionDirectory (to centralise the management of all services).

Infrastructure Migration
OpenSides is a specialist in infrastructure installation, migration and

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • We are are specialists in our field with lots of time devoted to research and development
  • We enhance our  products based on real world uses
  • We are not afraid to look at ourselves and made adjustement based on market and advances in technology