• Rue Deschampheleer 26 1081 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0) 27019375
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General description

Nozon is a Post Production facility and a 3D animation studio. We are based in Brussels and Liege.

Since 1998 we have grown steadily to become a well-known reference for high-end visual effects and 3D animation.

Our team apply their skills to advertising, feature films visual effects and opening Titles, 3D animated series, music videos and documentaries.

Products & Services

The services we offer include:
- Pre Visualization
- Motion control programming
- Visual Effects creation
- CGI creation and animation
- Massive crowd simulation
- Liquids, Fluids and physics simulations
- Offline editing
- DI grading
- Compositing
- Matte painting
- 3D Stereoscopic finishing
- Conversion from 2D to 3D: spacialization
- DCP creation and deliveries worldwide
- Previews of 3D projects in theaters
- Technical Supervision and Advices
- On Set Supervision
- Design and graphical research