Mikros Image Brussels

  • Avenue Eugene Plasky 179 1030 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 612 17 90
  • Website : www.mikrosimage.be

General description

Mikros Image is a high-end post-production facility specialized in publicity, documentary, featured movies, shorts, trailering and grafic design. Beside that Mikros Image has an R&D department specialized in software related hard and software.

Products & Services

Mikros Image is a postproduction company specialized in VFX and finishing of featured films, documentaries, shorts and commercial films. Our services are all image related. We create images or enhance them. Our services exist of editing, graphic design, compositing, motion graphics, DI, grading, 2D and 2D animation, mastering and archiving. Beside that, we work closely together with sound companies, subtitling companies and others companies in our sector to be able to offer a complete spectrum to our clients.

Alongside the post-production services, we also have an R&D department where we develop sector related software and hardware. Either we develop our own products in order to sell them, or we work on dedicated project ordered by clients.


Broadcast - Video