MENTIS Services

General description

Mentis is a software company, that pioneers a new approach for rendering data intelligent from the Internet of Things (IOT), helping  large organizations to foster innovation solutions for the urban space.

Mentis is currently offering two solutions :
  • CogniX™, an IoT gateway / middleware
  • Mov’Smart,a connected mobility set of services (smart parking, predictive traffic, switch modes)

Our future markets are potentially endless:  Smart Grids, Smart Building, Smart Spaces, Connected Vehicles …

Products & Services

THE IoT PLATFORM : CogniX is a Gateway/Platform capable to manage web applications, whatever the information source (sensors, customer data centers, outdoor devices, smart phones or personal devices). The gateway, based on a peer-to-peer model, orchestrates data collection, treatment and restitution.

THE E-MOBILITY SOLUTION : Mov’Smart includes all the components of a very advanced E-mobility solution:
  • Smart parking: Dynamic princing, Smart phone apps indicating areas where parking is more easy to find, access to new payment methods, remote payment ...
  • predictive traffic, travel time in order to favor the use of public transportation (bus, Tramway, electric car, bike, car sharing service…) whenever possible
  • Economic development : the apps provides contextual information for the citizen in the city (what to do, where to eat, where to sleep…); it allows dynamic publication of retailer deals, city tips, emergency alerts

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • IOT resilient platform
  • Extrem real time data treatment
  • Unique connected mobility solution