General description

Mentis has developed over the past years many solutions for different customers.

All our solutions are based on our AIDA technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Text Analytics knowledge.

Most of our solutions are customer oriented taking into account their specific needs and requirements.

We built solutions for Manufacturing, Media and Publishing, Finance, Biomass, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Services, Food, Offshore and Energy.

Products & Services

AIDA Visions: Predict and Forecast future events
Risk management

AIDA Senses: Classification
Category prediction

AIDA Discovery: Discover Categories
Knowledge organization

AIDA Seeker: Search
Search engine

AIDA Pathos: Sentiment Analysis
Opinion mining

AIDA Cognos: Entity extraction
Improved search
Document structuring
Content enrichment
Visualization and analysis

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Analyze free text in context
  • Integrate text to data
  • Develop big data technologies
  • Develop adaptive software.