General description

MangoGem is an innovative provider of intelligent systems solutions for very challenging problems in enterprise operations. Our strong scientific and technological expertise covers a wide range of computer science and engineering topics, and we help industries to apply new concepts from research into business, bridging the gap between theory and implementation.

Products & Services

ORITAMES APS Scheduler is a flexible software for multi-objective, multi-projects and multi-resources scheduling optimization. ORITAMES can address many scheduling problems in areas such as project planning, manufacturing, transportation, routing, timetabling and personnel allocation.

UBABU (Unlimited Business Applications Building Blocks) is a set of reusable software components for creating embedded and real-time applications. UBABU includes deterministic embedded memory allocators, efficient data structures, logging, search heuristics, data manipulation, reporting tools and many other components.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

MangoGem S.A. is active bringing results of academic research in the domain of real-time, multicore embedded systems into its software products and services.

Thanks to our long relationship with the PARTS Research Center at the ULB, MangoGem S.A. is able to propose top of the art methodologies, models, scheduling algorithms, advanced planning, multi criteria optimization, simulation and verification & validation software tools.