Mango Information Systems

  • Rue des pères blancs, 4 1040 Etterbeek
  • Website :
  • Contact : Mehdi El Fadil
  • Function : Founder
  • E-mail :

General description

Mango Information Systems specializes in data integration and analysis.
It offers a social media analytics software, and provides services around web data management.

Products & Services

Tribalytics, our main product, helps marketers promote their campaigns by analyzing social media audiences. It identifies the presence of companies' target segments in social media, and finds the key influencers to partner with in order to get a dramatic increase in the campaigns' visibility.

We also provide consulting in infographics and data visualizations, data enrichment, CRM data integration, social media monitoring and data-warehousing.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Creation of a unique social media audience analysis tool: Tribalytics
  • Application of business intelligence methods to the web
  • Usage of cutting-edge technologies: d3.js, Gephi, node.js,