Logical Concept Europe

General description

Logical Concept is an European company, whose main activity is to analyze, develop and market Human Resource Management solutions in the international environment. Logical Concept began operations in Belgium in 1997, providing IT consulting services to Human Resource corporations in the European Union and Asia, leading implementation projects and developing custom applications for these corporations. Later, in 2000, Logical Concept continued to develop its activities in Latin America by becoming a leader in administrative management solution for small, medium and large companies.

Products & Services

Our service skills:
- We deliver global integrated and adapted IT solutions to the Interim 15 years strong of Interim experience Our products skills:
- Web based tools
- Integrated solution
- Mobile solutions Our key value
- Expertise
- Flexibility
- Proximity - Customized solution Products : - Logiconnect Admin the ideal integrated recruitment system that is based on leading Cloud Computing technology. Its intuitive interface allows you to do the following : > gain access to your data in a secure manage no matter when, no matter where. > entirely manage your online activity: clients, jobs, candidates, timesheets, contracts and administrative documents are accessible in a couple of clicks. If you already make use of an internal management system, LogiConnect Admin can easily integrate itself in your existing production environment, thanks to its synchronisation tools. - Logiconnect Candidate an online follow-up tool that is aimed at your candidates. Thanks to its intuitive interface, your candidates, be they temporary or permanent staff, can easily carry our job searches, manage their profiles and take care of the administrative follow-up of their jobs. No matter where, no matter when. - Logiconnect Client Improve your service to clients and simplify how your work together. LogiConnect Client is an online portal that aims at facilitating contact regarding account administration with your clients. Accessible using your computer, smartphone or tablet, it allows your clients to carry out an online follow-up of temporary missions or attributed recruitment missions, from the first announcement of the job offer to the finishing up of a temporary or recruitment mission of candidates.