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General description

Intuitim is playing in the medical imaging diagnosis market by bringing specialized tools for diagnosis reporting to radiologists. In our solutions, we strongly emphasize on the standardization of annotation and reports (for each medical speciality by using international standards such as BI-RADS or PI-RADS), on the easiness of integration (into existing hospital infrastructures) and finally on the intuitiveness of the user-interface. As a result we are able to help specialists to switch from old and time-consuming tools towards new applications leveraging on bleeding-edge ICT technologies like semantics in patient records, tablets, ubiquity, etc.

Products & Services

Our development philosophy brings many valued advantages whose most important are : the « accessibility » of every center no matter of its size to our solutions, then comes the time saving due to a faster treatment of the information and automatic reporting. And last but not least the common language brought by the standardized thesaurus which allow for example to facilitate teleradiology between different specialists from all over the world, by enabling automatic translation of terms.