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General description

InSilico Genomics provides 21st century biologist and phyiscians with the tools to include new genome technologies in their daily practice.

Insilico Genomics is a spin off of the ULB and VUB and develops and commercializes InSilico, a complete bioinformatics solution developed by the founding team in the universities.

Products & Services

InSilico Genomics main product is InSilico DB ( and online complete bioinformatics solution.

The specific capabilities of InSilico DB allow to provide the following services for genome data:
  • Storage of the data,
  • Archiving of the Data,
  • Computation on the Data,
  • Security of the Data,

  • Collaboration and data-sharing functions,

  • Specialized “big data” hardware,
  • Tier-1 internet connection,
  • Documentation: example-based blog and scientific papers describing the software.

InSilico DB also offers the following services:

  • Biocuration of private or public data,
  • Training,

  • Bioinformatics consulting.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

InSilico DB is enabling the genomics revolution, where:
  • Medicine will be adapted to each patient’s individual genome
  • Where each patient in a clinical trial will be genetically screened comprehensively
  • Where each human will be sequenced at birth

InSilico DB contributes:

  • An online, easy-to-use platform while managing all the complexity and security behind the handling of genome data
  • A big data analytics platform capable of making sense of the deluge of genome data