General description

The inQube™ platform, an initiative of the Digital Leadership Institute and supported by, boasts an exclusive online community of women entrepreneurs, mentors, business experts and investors who share experiences, ideas, and the know-how and resources necessary for delivering successful women-led, digital enterprises in Europe. The aim of inQube™ is to cultivate an eco-system supporting and promoting greater entrepreneurship and leadership in enterprise by women, and the development of the tools, infrastructure and community necessary to make this happen. A collaborative community of women - a global "network of networks," that provides:

Products & Services

  • Access to mentors, expert advice and essential business tools and resources;
  • Training in Digital, Business and Leadership skills;
  • Personal tips on how to succeed in business locally, in Europe and beyond;
  • Sharing of ideas, opportunities and experiences;
  • Match-making with potential partners, investors and sponsors; and
  • Teambuilding, support and Networking ;
  • Personal expert coaching sessions;
  • Events, conferences, Expert Cafés, Afterwork Drinks, debates,…