• Chaussée de Charleroi 110 1060 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 600 50 34
  • Website :
  • Contact : Sebastian SERRANO
  • Function : Scientific Adviser
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General description

Innoviris promotes, supports and valorises scientific research and technological innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The main task of the Institute consists in funding research projects of companies, universities and higher education institutes located in Brussels.

Products & Services

With respect to profit-oriented research, Innoviris:

  • Grants subsidies and repayable loans to SMEs and large companies in order to support website, their industrial research and precompetitive development projects;
  • Funds technical feasibility studies carried out prior to industrial research or precompetitive Function projects;
  • Funds university programmes that intend to launch business activities in the Region.
  • Grants, under the "Spin-Off In Brussels" programme subsidies to universities, higher education institutes, companies and collective research centres in order to encourage the application of results of scientific research in business and the creation of spin-off companies in the Brussels Region. With respect to non-profit-oriented research, Innoviris provides financial support to researchers with two programmes:
  1. "Prospective Research for Brussels" supports PhD students and graduate researchers whose projects provide inputs for the development of the Brussels-Capital Region.
  2. "Brains (back) to Brussels" invites high-level scientists to come or return to academic research in Brussels. Research projects need to be genuine and will need to present a contribution to the development of the Region.