• Rue Barastraat, 173-177 1070 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 340 05 55
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General description

Immeractive builds realistic 3D interactive virtual models for local governments, urban planning agencies, real-estate developers, engineering offices, architects, tourism offices and museums.  Immeractive develops its own realtime 3D technology called Haeva.

Products & Services

Immeractive develops innovative visualisation and navigation tools bringing a new intuitive way to communicate  in urban planning, construction industry, mobility & transports, engineering study, real estate development, tourism, and cultural heritage.

Products / Services

  • Interactive virtual models and virtual tours in 3D
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality
  • 3D architectural movies, reconstruction of urban environments in 3D
  • Promotional web sites for urban and real-estate projects
  • Realtime 3D software development on PC, Mac, iPad and Android
  • Technical assistance and consultancy
  • Supplying of 3D visualisation bundles (including hardware)

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Talented R&D team and production team
  • New intuitive ways to communicate over urban and construction projects
  • In-house 3D technology and multidisciplinary workflow (GIS, CAD, 3D real-time)
  • Understandable by a non-technical assistance (takeholders, citizens, customers)
  • Added-value tools for contracting authorities and building project managers