Hozint - Horizon Intelligence

  • Rue Henri van Zuylen 36 1180 Bruxelles
  • Phone : 32488908593
  • Website : www.hozint.com

General description

Hozint - Horizon Intelligence is a global risk and travel security solution provider. Our mission is to provide our clients with timely and relevant information to mitigate their exposure to safety and security risks.

Products & Services

Our solution is a web platform called “Horizon”. Horizon is global risk and travel security monitoring platform. It provides realtime alerts on political, security and safety risks worldwide.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Horizon in an online "Horizon scanning" platform helping you monitoring information on countries’ political stability and security. Horizon provides a systematic examination of open source information to identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities, allowing for better preparedness into the decision making process.