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General description

HELPIGO is a web platform that immediately links the job offer with the demand in various sectors such as sport and food service, and soon also retail.

It offers a connection between companies offering a job (urgent, short-term and/or long-term) and job seekers who hold the qualifications being sought.

In just three clicks, our platform instantly replies to the question: "Which qualified worker is available in my region at a certain time?"

Our flexible concept for all sectors affected by problems deriving from urgent staff management (volatility of workers, absence, staff turnover, urgent client contact, etc.) has already been launched in the world of sport, Horeca and Retail. Running parallel to this and in line with our initial strategy, we are currently expanding to other larger sectors.

Our aim in raising funds is to position ourselves as first mover in the hospitality/Retail/logistics/Facility Managment/Construction sector.

Products & Services

HELPIGO is a web platform which centralizes all active (or eligible) workers ( blue collars) in various sector: hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, logistic companies, ... . The interactive database makes HELPIGO the only B-to-B site which makes it possible to directly contact a future employee in less than three clicks.

Our disruptive B-to-B platform stands out for its user-friendliness and for the power of the information provided.

Where needed, the employer or interim companies can contact his pre-selected team of workers, generate an employment offer or immediately contact all eligible workers in his region who are available at a given time by sending a group mail.

The recruiter no longer has to wait for a CV. He can jump into our dynamic database and directly contact workers who have been evaluated by his peers.

As opposed to collaboration platforms involving the "general public", HELPIGO wants to be the leading professional search platform for staff who are available urgently in the short-term or long-term. Our matchmaking platform is the tool that the sector has been looking for.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Sector related filters are used to make it efficient !

Lowest price on the market

Uptodate database dedicated to blue collars.