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General description

Helpigo is a company providing consulting and coaching services to various coachs/federations/clubs in the sports environment. We do assist them to determine the right strategy to achieve their goals ( physically - financially-) building the right structure at the right place. The company is actually moving towards another direction. We would like to be identified as a real network system in the sports world connecting trainers and federations/sportsclub/...

Products & Services is a web platform providing access to the biggest database of sportstrainer in Belgium. Our goal will be to create N°1 network in the sports/fitness world. More than a database, Helpigo provides various informations as quality, localization, experience, recommandations, status. The main advantage of the platform is based on the direct availability of those sports consultants. We provide a crossmatch of the agenda and the system sends various request by mail and on a Mobile App. in real time, the manager and the sports trainer are now aware of the possibility of immediate collaboration. It's a real added value for managers solving HR problems in few clicks. For the suppliers, they do access job's outside their actual physical network. Such a database, will be expanded to other activities like Catering, School, Health, ...