Hack League (Philos Lab)

  • Rue des pères blancs 4 1040 Brussels
  • Phone : 0489 381 072
  • Website : hackleague.io
  • Contact : Maxime CZETWERTYNSKI
  • Function : Head of Operations
  • E-mail : max@hackleague.io

General description

Philos Lab is a tech company built around a community of passionate tech talents. Through our tech events (Hack League, Hackathons, Conferences..) we aim to galvanize EU's tech scene.

Products & Services

Coding Battles: 3 hours gamified hackathons for developers. Can be online or offline. Helps tech companies gain visibility among developer communities, build a brand techies love, spot and attract tech talents, acquire data on developers.

Intra-company competition: Coding Battles between the developers of the same company. Used for team building and/or learning new skills

Inter-company competition: Coding Battles between developers coming from different companies. Enables companies to promote their tech teams ('I've got the best tech team of Brussels'), team building, learn & sharpen new skills

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Crowdsourcing for Code
  • Product adoption though fun experiences
  • Hiring through thrilling competition