General description

Freemind delivers IT solutions to Measure, Control and Automate, enabling our customers to “Stay in Control” of complex technological infrastructures, to automate business and operational processes, and to improve energy efficiency.

We build and deliver software solutions and services for Energy Monitoring, Alarm Supervision and Tailor-made IT implementations

Products & Services

Solutions for Energy Monitoring & Verification for improving energy efficiency.
Energy Efficiency Projects can reduce energy bill by more than 30%

  • Freemind develop and commercialize Energis, a comprehensive software tool to Stay in Control of energy consumption, energy savings and carbon emissions reduction programs.

Solutions for Supervision & Control of complex technological infrastructures.
Automation of Supervision & Control rooms boosts team’s productivity

  • Freemind develops and deploy efficient Supervision & Control Solutions since 10 years in several domains : Telecom networks, large and distributed buildings, industrial production plants, energy production sites, etc

Solutions for Business and Operational process automation.
Automation of Working Processes can dramatically boost corporate process performance

  • With recognized capabilities in process automation and SOA (service oriented architecture) acquired and evolved in the last decade,

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

Freemind has a dedicated R&D team engaged in product & technology innovation since 2003. On 2009 Freemind was finalist in the “Best Innovation Award for the Environment”.

Tailor-made IT Solutions

Freemind is recognized for Commitment, Flexibility, Reliability and Quality of deliveries

Freemind provides IT turn-key solutions and IT consulting services. In both cases, we always commit to result and support the full project cycle from A to Z, with extensive domain expertise and tools know-how.