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General description

FormaTech is a software publishing and IT services company specialized in the IT solutions development dedicated to payroll management and HR in Belgium.

The solutions implemented are essentially based on Java technology and on open-source software.

Products & Services

ForHRM, most recent product, incorporates a highly secure Web portal, intended for employees and departments of the company. Designed from the outset to calculate pay slips “on the fly”.

The main features:
  • Simplification of production of original pay slips and correcting slips by a complete data history
  • Sophisticated management of the cost accounting postings
  • Operate in 4 languages, continuously 24/7
  • Easy to couple the Data with others applications (Timing registration, ERP, accountancy, ...)

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • As a stand-alone payroll package, ForHRM sets itself apart from the competition through its systematic use of wizards, which focuses the attention of the administrator on the essential aspects of the operations, and a large number of automated features that save the administrator from the mistakes inherent in manual operations.
  • The ForHRM program for coping with the (particularly) complex Belgian salaries legislation was introduced by object-oriented programming techniques and artificial intelligence. Those methods, which simplified the automated routines development, guarantee the long-term working life of the product by simplifying the maintenance to reflect new legislation.
  • ForHRM, with its Web services, is unrivalled for any integrator wishing to build a specific employment contract and payroll management system.
  • Another noteworthy characteristic of ForHRM is that it can be distributed across networks of processors and computers to meet any requirement for computing power.
  • HR Self-Services module for workers available on Mobile, tablet and PC.