EuroTop Cooperation Partners

  • Avenue des Nénuphars 19 1160 Brussels
  • Phone : + 32 2 649 59 94
  • Website :

General description

EuroTop is a corporate management and communication agency with a proactive and innovative approach. EuroTop specializes in the development of cloud technologies based collaborative tools, web design, CMS, IT development, extranet, and IT support for conference organization and match-making tools. We also make films and video multimedia marketing tools.

Products & Services

Web collaborative platforms and Web 2.0 communication: We create and develop professional websites and cloud-based collaborative platforms which allow a fast, efficient and user-friendly interface.

Xtranet-ISA is a complete online management and communication cloud-based application for large projects and collaborative work.

Xtranet-ISA allows participants of any consortium, company or organization to interact and monitor their task flows, agenda, budgets, reports, communication and other interactive processes.

Summeet mobile app: A professional event and Networking mobile application. This Mobile Application aims at improving the networking experience and communication between persons involved in the organisation and participants at an event (workshop, seminar, conference, etc.).

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Eurotop has developed an innovative cloud-based application called Xtranet-ISA.
  • Eurotop helps companies to better manage their projects and to share efficiently the relevant information between partners and companies.
  • Eurotop has a proactive communication approach and strong marketing skills.
  • Eurotop has a long-time experience in international large projects management.
  • Eurotop creates modern CMS websites using the latest developing techniques.