EuroTop Cooperation Partners

  • Avenue Louise, 486/14 1050 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)2 649 59 94
  • Website :

General description

EuroTop is a corporate management and communication agency with a proactive and innovative approach. EuroTop specializes in development of cloud technologies based collaborative tools, web design, CMS, IT development, extranet, and IT support for conference organization and match-making tools. We also make films and video multimedia marketing tools.

Products & Services

Xtranet-ISA is a complete online management and communication cloud-based application for large projects and collaborative work.

Xtranet-ISA allows participants of any consortium, company or organization to interact and monitor their task flows, agenda, budgets, reports, communication and other interactive processes on a real-time Internet basis.

Websites and Web 2.0 communication: We create and develop professional websites and cloud-based collaborative platforms which allow a fast, efficient and user-friendly interface.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Eurotop has developed an innovative cloud-based application called Xtranet-ISA.
  • Eurotop helps companies to better manage their projects and to share efficiently the relevant information between partners and companies.
  • Eurotop has a proactive communication approach and strong marketing skills.
  • Eurotop has a long-time experience in international large projects management.
  • Eurotop creates modern CMS websites using the latest developing techniques.