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General description

Tanguy Lepoutre is founder of EURILINK and the only shareholder (25 000 € in capital). He has 15 years of experience in creating society (insofar he has created three).

EURILINK is a Global Solution for document management.

The particularities of EURILINK are its low fix costs and its multiple collaborations with experts in web development and communication to maintain expertise.

Products & Services

  • Development of a global solution of data management in B2B
  • Target : head-managersof SME that don’t have full time access to an IT specialist.
  • Solution : EURILINK is a global multi device solution (smartphones, tablets, PC, server, cloud). This solution enables saving and transfer of document to be done with ease and with every types of documents ( bureaucratic documents, images,audio-visual documents, print-screens,…)
  • This solution bolsters control and protection over communication of information since savings and transfer of documents are eased.
  • Creation of links between applications to optimize efficiency without changing the user usual work environment.
  • The core aspect of this solution is that the database is built heuristically: the visual interface memorizes the user’s work habits and adapts itself consequentially. Thus, the solution improves performances at every data input.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

■ Heuristic method

■ Important User Experience (UX)

■ Industry standards are taken into account in the solution.

■ Creation of Link in-between application.