• Veldkappelgaarde, 30 1200 Brussels
  • Phone : +32 (0)476 24 10 86
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General description

Esperity is a Brussels based startup, founded in September 2012.

The mission of Esperity is to empower patients to better manage their disease through the creation of specific communities and by providing a tool to manage their daily health parameters.

Products & Services

miMedication is a user friendly web tool for chronically ill patients to manage their condition, including patient education, which is essential to guide them to self-management.

Esperity is a worldwide multilingual platform for cancer patients to manage their disease and to find similar patients with the same condition. With Esperity, every patient will become aware about the best treatment in the world for his specific cancer.

Innovative Aspects and Advantages

  • Multilingual platform for cancer patients
  • Complete database of cancers and worldwide anticancer drugs
  • Integration of social platform with medical diary
  • Empowering cancer patients to become aware about possible treatments worldwide